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Panels and Membrane Switches have become a fundamental component for new developing technologies. The product advantages increase added value more than other control systems

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  • Attractive in appearance, available in a variety of designs.

  • Moisture, dust, drips and oil resistant.

  • Hermetically sealed.

  • Easily to be assembled.

  • Low in cost.

  • It can be used in diverse field such as Industrial control.

  • Consumer devices, Medical Instruments, Computer keypad. 

  • Telecommunications , Electronics games and toys etc.

  • Advantages of Our Panel & Membrane Switch

    • Durability

      In corrosive environments and extreme temperature and humidity conditions, thanks to their construction which makes the switches totally airtight and resistant.

    • Endurance

      Of several million keystrokes.

    • Customized Design

      With practically no limits in terms of texts, symbols colors and shapes.

    • Versatility

      Of having all the elements on just the one panel.

    • Savings

      A fully reliable product at a cheaper price than other alternatives. Its reliability means saving in the long term, as no maintenance is required.

    • Compatibility

      With current electronic systems

    • Lead Time

      Short design and fast delivery

    Our Production Percentages

    Flat tactile Style 70%
    Poly dome tactile style 85%
    Metal Dome tactile 65%
    Dome embossed tactile style 97%
    Metal dome tactile with SMD LED style 67%
    Fiber optic back lighting (Or ESD shielding) style 15%

    Front Foils and Overlays

    Silk-Screen printed Font Foils and Overlays are to membrane switch overlays, depending on the material used.Polyester is the most wear-resistant as a regards abrasive products, harsh and environmental conditions. They are used in applications that require other types of contacts, such as micro-switches, silicone rubber keypads…
    Silk-Screen printing provides the flexibility required by graphic designs, with hidden texts, four color process and other related options.

    Temperature Rating – 30 ~ 120 °C

    Thickness 0.1 - 0.2 mm


    • Dimensional stability.

    • Thermal stability at elevated temperature

    • Coefficient of friction

    • Tensile break strength

    • Tensile yield strength

    • Elongation at break

    • Chemical and electrical resistance

    • High dielectric constant

    • Lower extract able content

    • High electrical breakdown voltage

    Temperature Rating – 60 ~ 120 °C


    • High transparency

    • High strength making it resistant to impact and manufacture

    • High heat resistance making it ideal for application that require sterilization

    • Good dimensional stability which permits it to retain its shape in a range of conditons

    • Good electrical insulation properties

    • Biologically insert

    • Readily recyclable

    • Excellent processability

    • Cost effective

    Temperature Rating 60 °C

    Thickness 0.175 - 0.5 mm


    • High Strength

    • Dimensional stability

    • Good weather resistance

    • High impact strength

    • Clarity

    • Color-ability

    • Flexible or rigid

    • Chemical insert

    • Easy of fabrication

    • Tasteless, odorless, nontoxic

    • Good electrical properties


    Incredible Range Of Designs

    Customize Membrane Switch Keyboards
    Front Panels
    Graphic Overlays
    Front Foils